conference and art

May 16th, 2017

i attended the tri-conferences (student/parent/teacher) at their school, and i must say i was quite impressed by their work. i appreciate what the school and the teachers have done, and hope siu momo and di di continue to enjoy school as much as they do now…

they showed me their artwork also at the mini exhibition in the school, and i could see they were so proud. after that, as i wanted to save half day leave from work, i put them down at the pottery studio – they had a blast drawing, making claywork, and dancing (they claimed they did!).

17881212_1940367952864268_4730559919927853056_n 17881406_1878373729084837_6259509620935491584_n

17882242_987031048098909_7863807067088224256_n 17881450_722589357913484_217266495535710208_n

17818160_1920396721535267_8624169913755369472_n 17881866_626115980913760_5033663037681172480_n

thank god for taking care of them, and please continue to fill their hearts with joy and gratitude.


May 15th, 2017

since di di got his new bike, we have been doing a few more bike ridings. plan to go try on the biking trails soon!

17587271_1250136725083173_8326920943800680448_n 17587005_1893827397527799_8978168733268705280_n

17932169_1677173095645674_2599822156141428736_n 17883062_118458992036111_4361378090375446528_n