home improvement

helper has gone home for 3 weeks and i have been taking some afternoons off, picking up siu momo and didi from school bus, cooking, cleaning, basically everything. i knew i would be liking this, but i am loving it all! it is exhausting indeed, waking up every morning at 5:20am, but i am really enjoying it! i feel like a real mom. honestly i could do this forever…just if office work could be cut down it would be perfect.

so before helper’s departure, i took at least a month to slowly improve every corner of the home to the extent that is within my capability. we’ve got a new cordless vacuum cleaner, an electric slow-cooker, new kitchen utensils and pots, etc etc. i even got round to paint the doors of the children rooms, which were old and chipped and filled with torn stickers. they are looking good now…

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we also tidied up the storage house upstairs and we had a fun night singing and playing that starry night…

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