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home improvement

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

helper has gone home for 3 weeks and i have been taking some afternoons off, picking up siu momo and didi from school bus, cooking, cleaning, basically everything. i knew i would be liking this, but i am loving it all! it is exhausting indeed, waking up every morning at 5:20am, but i am really enjoying it! i feel like a real mom. honestly i could do this forever…just if office work could be cut down it would be perfect.

so before helper’s departure, i took at least a month to slowly improve every corner of the home to the extent that is within my capability. we’ve got a new cordless vacuum cleaner, an electric slow-cooker, new kitchen utensils and pots, etc etc. i even got round to paint the doors of the children rooms, which were old and chipped and filled with torn stickers. they are looking good now…

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we also tidied up the storage house upstairs and we had a fun night singing and playing that starry night…

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my birthday II

Thursday, March 2nd, 2017

i took a day off work on my birthday as a treat to myself. early morning after sending siu momo and di di off to school bus, i worked on my dried hydrangea wreath for our doors after the cny wreath has been taken down.

then i set off to this journey to a few places i have always wanted to visit. first i went to prince edward and had lunch at feed your nerves.  the small restaurant is self-served with japanese style homemade sets.  i wouldn’t even call it a restaurant actually as it feels more like eating at someone’s home.  i felt at ease and was quite amazed at their washroom at the back of the shop – where one had to go through a small patio filled with homegrown plants and pots.  i was expecting the worst as i entered the tin cubicle for the washroom, but it was unexpectedly clean and tidy inside.

i spent some time at the restaurant sipping my matcha latte (which i think was a bit on the cold side for a hot drink) and finishing up the seafood (i did have some doubts on the mussels and small clams as my tummy could be quite sensitive to those if they are not the freshest – my bad really) and egg on rice while reading up a small cook book from their shelf.  then i walked over to shumshuipo direction (following my google map as it was my first time in that area) at slow pace to betabularasa – the dried botany “shop” owned by the same people who run this eatery.

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i called it a “shop” with hesitation as when i finally located it on the street, i almost thought it was not there anymore. turned out one had to go up the age old building to the 1st floor. the door was closed so i tried the bell. a young girl opened the door for me and i found a few other girls chatting happily while working non-stop on bouquets as it was also valentine’s day that day. so no one actually talked to me and i was sort of at a lost but i did have a good time looking at all the wonderful dried flowers they preserved. after a while i couldn’t help but ask if i could buy some of them. it was only until then that they started to notice i was there. it was quite funny really. that’s why i didn’t feel like it was a shop as i was not “served”. maybe this is the style of modern shops run by young people, or maybe they were just far too busy. in any event i kinda liked it that way also.

after spending an hour or so there admiring the plants, i chose some and they wrapped up for me. they found out it was my birthday so they gifted me a small bunch the size of a brooch. with the bouquets in my arms i could not go far and walked slowly towards my next destination – TOOLSS in shek kit mei.

16465089_1387857161278299_1403121216662798336_n 16465299_936916653111933_503403246929313792_n

once again i almost missed the coffee stand/ stationery shop tucked away in the corner of the far end of the street.  by then mr candlelight had finished up his sessions at the eye clinic nearby and he came to join me for a cup of coffee.  after that we took the mtr home together.

it was the most relaxing birthday i have had for a few years.  i promised myself i would do this every year on my birthday – taking the time off chores and worries and exploring parts of this place we call home.

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back home i arranged the dried flowers into the vases. dried flowers have their special characters indeed, and these particular carry even more meaning to me. happy birthday to me!

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