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his birthday cake II

Monday, March 13th, 2017

di di loves the mango mousse cake i made and he requested mango mousse for his birthday cake. i started to make his cake the night before his party – was a bit nervous about how the cake would turn out. luckily all went well and i was even able to frost with his favorite fresh cream in a smooth coat…

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to give a simple and “nature” look to the cake, i used fresh rosemary twigs and berries for decoration. the bicycle and the balloon banner added the final touches…

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galette de rois

Monday, February 27th, 2017

happy 8th birthday to di di today!! ma-ma knows you have improved a lot for the past months in controlling your temper and you are a very good boy. ma-ma loves you!

we had a wonderful picnic/biking/birthday party yesterday – hope to share some pictures soon.


have always wanted to learn how to make this “king cake”. the puff pastry was a big hassle really but it was good to learn the techniques…

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