baking lesson 8 – premium roll cake

June 24th, 2016

this custard and fruity roll cake vanished in minutes when eaten as breakfast by siu momo and di di!



church hiking

June 20th, 2016

just came back from my “round the world” trip to new york – the virgin islands – london – back, partly for work and london for leisure where mr candlelight joined me there for a few days.  super tired and it has been a great trip.


it was a great day for hiking a couple months back on a sunday.  it was our first time walking the tai tam hiking trial.  the hike was organized by our church and we had a fun time…



we enjoyed the scenery and the exercise, plus interesting conversations with friends…




it was quite tiring walking back up the mountain on return but we made it and were very proud of ourselves.  thumbs up for everybody!  it has been a great family event!