attending parties

September 30th, 2014

may god bless this land and bring peace and love into people’s hearts…


di di has been meeting a lot of new friends since he started in this school.  i am slowly getting to know these new friends of his and their parents.  di di is also gradually attending more gatherings on his own rather than tagging along with siu momo and her friends.  i am glad to see that he has been enjoying the companies and having fun…


seeing di di play with his buddies, i feel that he has grown up a lot indeed.

making dessert

September 25th, 2014

we had a lot of fun making this pear claufouti together…


it did not taste brilliantly, probably due to the overpowering ground almond, but siu momo and di di still finished it as they loved the vanilla.  di di has become an expert now and he pointed to the black specks and said “i know you have added vanilla, mom!”  *smile*


currently:  looking forward to the kids’ mid term break next week; experimenting with new cake decorating ideas; getting excited for siu momo’s upcoming ballet show; praying for people around me who have fallen ill and weak recently; wishing the best for my dear godson‘s school interview.