bench work and new shop

November 23rd, 2015

i’ve been waiting to tell you this…after ten years, i am back at jewelry making!  it started as an urge to learn more about metalsmithing and bench work and since then i have been experimenting with different mediums and styles…



it brought back memories of my jewelry making – when mr candlelight used to accompany me to fill orders at consigned shops.  siu momo has been very intrigued while she was learning about all the birthstones in class recently (what an coincidence).  i have opened a tiny store on etsy called ApotheKee – as in “apothecary” and “kee” (my last name).  i want to take it slow and keep things experimental, as if the ancient doctors / pharmacists were testing out new potions and pills.  i have also set up a tiny bench in my bedroom with limited supplies and tools.  hope to show you more later.

never too old to persue your dream…my excuse. *smile*

discovery bay

November 17th, 2015

it has been some time since we last visited the place so we went on a sunday after church.  it was a beautiful place and we had a relaxing lunch and happy time at the beach…



it is amazing to see how much fun kids can get from just sand, water and the sun.  thank god for the great creations.