custard mooncakes

September 2nd, 2014

i used the recipe from last year’s class to make custard mooncakes this year.  this was my second attempt as i did not mash the custard enough the first time and it was impossible to get a good shape out of them when the mooncakes were pressed out from the moulds.  it turns out the custard have to be mashed and kneaded a few times in between steaming.  i was happy with the result…


di di loved them so much he finished almost an entire one by himself.  we packaged the others to give to the grannies.

looking forward to more celebration this weekend of the mid-autumn festival.

sunday chores

August 27th, 2014

i am glad di di is settling well in the new school, except one or two small incidences (bruised under the eye due to fighting toy with school friend; bumped by running kids and dropped down a couple times (and cried i think)).  i can feel that he has matured a lot in just two weeks.  it is a good change no matter what.


sundays have officially become our happiest day of the week – starting with an outdoor breakfast, then church and sunday school, followed by house chores or outings, and a game of monopoly or uno before dinner…


i can’t ask for more.