japanese hamburger steak & rice

May 3rd, 2016

took this trial cooking class with my colleague and we made Japanese hamburger steaks with rice…


it was so delicious i made it again during that weekend which followed.  mr candlelight and the kids loved it!  that was the dinner after their many hours of attending the swimming gala and i was most pleased to see their satisfying faces enjoying the meal.  siu momo said i am the best mama in the world.  when i asked for her to say that again so i could record it, she shyly refused *smile & kisses*


harry potter

April 29th, 2016

siu momo has been reading the harry potter books over and over again this year!  her class (probably the entire grade 3) is obsessed with the HP books and characters, which i think is a good thing as her reading has improved a lot this year due to her interests in the books.  it’s probably also peer influence plus her English teacher is really into the characters as well.  she has been drawing and writing all kinds of HP related things whenever she has time at home…


considering that she has never watched the movies, her drawings do very much resemble the characters from the movies, which i think is an amazing thing.  totally cannot recall when i was so passionate about any book character if at all.