strawberry picking

January 19th, 2015

we went to yuen long yesterday to visit an organic strawberry farm.  it was such a pleasant and sunny day we were happy to arrive after a long drive.  siu momo and di di were each given a basket and a pair of scissors.  then we walked around the many strawberry fields covered in tents to collect our strawberries.  we were told that the small, red and slightly wrinkled ones would be the sweetest…



apart from strawberries, we also saw banana trees and turnips and carrots growing until the soil.  we collected our strawberries and went around the fields to visit some goats and rabbits.  siu momo and di di also saw how sugar cane juice was extracted and tasted the juice, as well as steamed fresh corns.  back at home we washed and ate the strawberries which were unexpectedly and exceptionally sweet!  thank god for a wonderful and enjoyable afternoon!

love cafe

January 14th, 2015

glad to see siu momo inspired by my baking…


she has been flipping away my bakery cookbooks, reading out all the names of cakes and deciding if she likes them or not.  it would be interesting to see her write some recipes for her “love cafe” book!