sunday dinner

September 27th, 2016

it has been some hectic weeks.  it is awful how my body has been reacting to the stress – painful tummy and diarrhea almost after every each meal, chronic headache and fatigue.  i hope things are better this week.


as per request by siu momo and di di, ma-ma made beef casserole and marbled tea eggs for sunday dinner, with their help…


baking at home

September 21st, 2016

have been extremely stressed out lately, with work in the office and family chores.  felt like trapped in a prison yesterday without leaving this office room once stepped in in the morning.  i was dead tired when i went home and still had to attend to a conference call at night.  i felt like a broken vase shattered into pieces.  luckily siu momo and di di had been good, and i wish i had more energy for them…


therapeutic baking at home a while back – time was a luxury…