brown butter hazelnut blackberry muffins

October 16th, 2014

…made for breakfast…



lovely wood cut handmade items…i love the birds.  simple leather made small goods.  really enjoy looking at this collection.

the social unrest continues.  traffic jam everywhere.  is this the same place i used to know so well?

our first picnic

October 13th, 2014

we had our first small picnic on the weekend.  i got some burgers and a box of tamago and crabmeat sushis and we went to the victoria park.  it was perfect weather but i was slightly disappointed with the quality of the lawn – actually the grass felt slightly filthy and there were some small flies around, coupled with a few mosquitos.  will find a better place for our picnic next time…



siu momo and di di had a good time playing in the playground and watching people play remote control boats.  always a blessing to spend such wonderful time with them…