mid autumn

October 3rd, 2015

for past few years, we have been celebrating the mid-autumn with new lanterns and neon sticks for the children (last year and the year before).  after finding out how not environmental neon sticks are and watching siu momo and di di’s lanterns from last year sitting on the shelves in their rooms for the entire rest of the year, we decided not to buy any new lanterns or neon sticks this year.  we hung the paper lanterns from last year over our chandelier and that was all we needed to celebrate the full moon…

…over some mooncakes we shared.  *smile*

the swimmers

September 29th, 2015

i enjoy taking them to their swim lessons and watching them swim…they have grown so much from when they first started to learn.


ma-ma is so proud and happy to share all the laughter (and sweat) *smile*