galette de rois

February 27th, 2017

happy 8th birthday to di di today!! ma-ma knows you have improved a lot for the past months in controlling your temper and you are a very good boy. ma-ma loves you!

we had a wonderful picnic/biking/birthday party yesterday – hope to share some pictures soon.


have always wanted to learn how to make this “king cake”. the puff pastry was a big hassle really but it was good to learn the techniques…

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trip to macau

February 24th, 2017

last time we went to macau was 2 years ago.  we went during cny this year with the cousins and spent most of the time in one hotel or another, going to fun zones and riding on cable cars.  the magic shows were so so but something to do with the kids…

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on the way home on the ferry, siu momo and di di were both unwell and siu momo threw up as the boat was quite bumpy. thought all was well after we were home but starting at 3am that night di di kept climbing out of bed to throw up. it must have been more than 10 times. in the end he was so weak and tired he was trying to lie down on the mat in front of the toilet. the poor boy finally got some sleep around 7am in the morning and then siu momo woke up with a fever.

luckily i didn’t have to go to work that day and stayed home to take care of them. di di’s skin also developed a rash but quite unlike those after the Osaka trip. so that night we took them to see the doctor in the hospital and got some medicine. di di also got an injection for the skin allergic reactions, which he thought would be quite painless like the vaccine he had at the school. when the needle went in, he cried and little teardrops ran down his small face. he was very brave and took it all in afterwards…

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i wonder why it is always my kids who get sick at the end or during traveling trips. it is also one of the reasons why siu momo and di di are not big fans of traveling. nevertheless god is good to us and always let us enjoy the trips safely and happily.