pottery before the studio moves

March 28th, 2017

we are going to miss this place! this was our last pottery session spent in this studio, before it moves to a new place…

16789461_271667819937163_831770161181622272_n 16585560_297948090621179_3439699622145032192_n

16585438_374614636257214_4587160952008343552_n 16790358_1182137188569512_7766510273829011456_n

she made a penguin, he made a chicken and i applied colors on harry she made previously.

his birthday party

March 24th, 2017

di di turned 8 end of last month.  this year we arranged a small gathering for him with the cousins and kai ma’s family in one of his favorite places – the inspiration lake (recap on his past birthdays - 1, 2 (preparation, cake, party) , 3 (cake, deco and food, party), 4, 5 (cake and party), 6 (cake and prep, party), 7).

16789751_1322263994508213_6993909918579294208_n 16906986_180525542439438_7116423190682796032_n

it was windy and rainy that week so we had doubts on an outdoor gathering on that very early sunday morning. thanks to god, the day turned out just fine and there was even a bit of sunshine breaking through the clouds when we cut the cake! also thanks to the help of goo jei and kai ma families, we had wonderful “shelter” and party food for a splendid bike party!

16908863_1844117282505827_8074848952421187584_n 16908875_735380116643675_6039501858228142080_n

16789416_155081851673551_1373617681852268544_n 16906390_179561219209851_2400858032377430016_n

16906986_1417242268326591_3454143034520764416_n 16789960_1409605025779133_8513792904970371072_n

16789860_1920116668219507_2160976335005024256_n 16788972_418348631847880_5648535941665521664_n

we had a wonderful time and played until afternoon. ma-ma wishes di di all the happiness in the world and good health. ma-ma knows di di is improving on controlling his temper and hopes he builds on confidence and love and care for others.