sunday chores

August 27th, 2014

i am glad di di is settling well in the new school, except one or two small incidences (bruised under the eye due to fighting toy with school friend; bumped by running kids and dropped down a couple times (and cried i think)).  i can feel that he has matured a lot in just two weeks.  it is a good change no matter what.


sundays have officially become our happiest day of the week – starting with an outdoor breakfast, then church and sunday school, followed by house chores or outings, and a game of monopoly or uno before dinner…


i can’t ask for more.

recent artwork

August 21st, 2014

after their first day of school, they came home and made these drawings for their respective teachers…


i am glad they like their school and teachers.


sick again with flu…feeling super tired and weak…yet so much to handle for work and the children…