flowers for home

January 27th, 2016

as cny is approaching, we wanted to change some of the plants in the house for a fresher (and healthier) look.  last weekend siu momo and di di went with us to the mongkok flower market…


we bought some new plants and fresh flowers, plus a 3-potted wire rack for the house.  back home while i was preparing dinner, mr candlelight replanted the pots with the kids’ help…



we were all enjoying the collective family effort!

egg tarts

January 25th, 2016

work has been exceptionally hectic these weeks.  can’t wait for cny to come.  we have done some decorations at home, and i have got other chores lined up…busy busy but happy.

it is so cold these days yesterday recorded the lowest temperature ever for the past 59 years! keep warm and stay out of viruses.


sometimes we buy egg tarts from the local bakery in wanchai for tea on sunday, as siu momo and di di are constantly asking for food nowadays.  i think they are growing up and strong so fast the amount of energy they require is a lot.  that sunday i ditched the idea of purchasing our usual egg tarts and tried my hands on some using the recipe by Christine

plain flour – 112g
butter – 62g
icing sugar – 27g
egg – 1/2
vanilla extract

egg – 1 1/2
sugar – 55g
hot water – 112g
evaporated milk – 42g
vanilla extract

1. cream butter with icing sugar.  add the beaten egg gradually, then vanilla.  fold in sifted flour and form into dough.
2. roll out dough to 5mm thick.  cut dough into round shapes (i used my circle cookie cutter) big enough to cover bottom of tart tins.  line the tins with the dough and pat smooth. trim excess dough around the sides.
3. for the custard, melt sugar in the hot water. whisk egg with milk, and pour into the syrup.  sieve and pour into the prepared tart shells (it is best to use a container with a spout like a measuring cup/beaker).  bake 15mins at 200C, then reduce to 180C and bake until custard puffs up.  at that point, open oven door to about 2 inches and bake 15mins more.  check to make sure custard is cooked and set.

with this quantity of ingredients, i made around 10 tarts.  i also was not that fussed with the baking process but with hind sight the steps should better be followed as it took me a while to set the custard…


the crust is cookie crust and the custard is not too sweet.  siu momo and di di loved them.  that thumb’s up made my day.  *smile*