our summer garden

July 22nd, 2014

after a number of typhoons and heavy rains, we are revamping our garden…

watching these two playing in the garden gives me much pleasure – and gosh they have grown so much since last summer!

birthday cake for cayden

July 21st, 2014

cayden is one of di di’s best friends at school.  after trying the cupcakes at the party, cayden’s mom entrusted me with the task of making cayden’s birthday cake on his 5th year old party.  i was hesitant but pleased to have the chance to help.

cayden wanted ninjago and chima on his cake so i got these toys from the toy shop and worked around with them for ideas.  cayden’s granddad has diabetes so i decided to make the cake with maple syrup instead of sugar.  also reduced some sugar from the buttercream and filled the cake layers with fresh mango…


i am so glad cayden and his family liked the cake.  happy birthday, cayden!