soapmaking class

May 27th, 2015

despite our hectic schedules, kai ma and i managed to squeeze out a few hours after work one evening to attend this soapmaking workshop at sogo club…


it was fun and relaxing indeed - the best way to pamper ourselves!


starting to make the cookie doughs for the market again, though the weather still looks horrible.  will see.

her art museum

May 26th, 2015

we had a busy long weekend – did some major redecoration around the house followed with lots of tidying up and cleaning; going to church (the children had a good time celebrating the wesley day) and accompanying mr candlelight to his basketball practice on sunday; and meeting up with cousins and andre for a fun pottery class followed with park visit (and a dinner party celebrating the 70th year old party of my dance teacher from secondary school).

all was fun (maybe not so much the dinner party) and exhausting and i treasured every moment of them.  i am especially grateful for god’s help on di di’s recent well behaviour – he has been able to control his temper and has been such a sweet boy.  well done, di di, and keep it up!


earlier this month, siu momo has given out tickets she made herself for her “art museum”, to her best friends at school and kai ma.  so i decided to put up her work on the wall and arranged a play date.  thank you for those who came to her “museum”!  we also had fun at the wanchai gap park afterwards…