handmade hairpins

November 21st, 2014

since i have recently acquired some new wool felt for making the softies, i tried to make some hair accessories with them…


she wore the hairpin it to church and was loving it.  maybe will make some more for her friends for x’mas.

furniture shopping

November 19th, 2014

we went to horizon plaza to shop for furniture on the weekend.  we love our couch at home but it was getting very old (we got it from franc franc before siu momo was born) and a bit small for the whole family and sometimes when friends visit.  ideally we would also like a new dining table set as the current one was handed down from mr candlelight’s sister and some of the screws from the chairs fell off (and the main reason being that i would love to have a nice wooden table instead of glass).  so we had a quick lunch after church and went to ap lei chau.  siu momo and di di were thrilled to be at the big warehouse, and they were literally trying to open every drawer and sit on every sofa…


after a few hours, we set our eyes on a black leather sofa and a matching arm chair.  leather is not my cup of tea but they were indeed comfortable with tall resting back.  siu momo and di di also approved and we were set.  we did not see any dining tables we like.  it was very enjoyable to visit the furniture shops as a family and i could tell siu momo and di di were happy to be part of this as well.  thank you, god, for the wonderful time.