winter sunday

December 17th, 2014

we are enjoying the nice winter sun on sundays – church, simple lunch and play…



i could not ask for more.


December 16th, 2014

after i made the rocket plush, siu momo suggested that i make a doll for her.  i asked her to design the character and she came up with this jewel fairy called Jewelweed…

so i set out to make the doll.  i must admit she doesn’t look too much like siu momo has designed her to be *smile*


the entire body and front “hair” of jewelweed was made of wool felt.  her braid was made with brown color yarn.  i had wanted to make her a nice dress out of flowery cloth but i hesitated on my sewing skills (having not sewn a dolly dress for my blythe dolls for many years) so i resorted to wool yarn and knitted some simple pieces, connected them together at the seams to make a top and a skirt…


jewelweed is all wrapped up now as a x’mas present for siu momo!  hope she likes her!