picnic by the lake

December 7th, 2016

it’s been a long time since our last visit to the inspiration lake.  i almost forgot how beautiful it is…

14566599_1729125870739593_5992416900561240064_n 15057407_1134885696559930_6239504294630916096_n

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the place was quite packed after 10am and there were tours everywhere, which was quite a pity.  siu momo and di di took me round the lake while they were on their bikes, and we had picnic food and fun with friends…

14582471_1882398965323416_4707715671780229120_n 14262615_368184376852653_8714495438222262272_n

will definitely go again but much earlier.

open day and bake sale

December 6th, 2016

it was the school’s annual open day and as always i took part in the bakesale.  made some simple madeleines and cookies this time…

15035065_1280838195313353_3488631420044181504_n 15035586_1669368049952239_6042646981174624256_n


it was a tiring day (for me) but siu momo and di di had fun playing games and making crafts.  i have a feeling though that they will soon outgrow these booths – honestly it was not as exciting for them as before.  they have really grown up, or is it time they start to improve on the standards of these games and activities? *smile*

14547811_1790548054542294_384357344873545728_n 15101581_1110040295775861_1678094003729334272_n