happy birthday, siu momo!

July 31st, 2014

today is siu momo’s 7th birthday!  ma-ma wishes you, my favorite girl in the world, all the best – good healthy and happiness all year round!  *kiss kiss*


the party was at tea time last saturday, so i had time to get ready throughout the morning.  it was thunderstorm and heavy rain that morning, but god has been so nice to us by the time of the party the sun has come out!  these pictures were taken before most of the food was put on the plates *smile*

we had sandwiches, chick wings, fruit salads, ham and melon, jelly and mango pudding, chips, plus the cookies, cupcakes and donuts




thanks to all the good friends who came to celebrate with us!  after our “puppet show” (ma-ma and siu momo put up a show based on this story) and cake cutting, the children had a cooling pool party upstairs!  *splash!*


love you always, my dear girl!

(for reference: her 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th (and here). 6th birthday parties)

siu momo’s birthday – the sweets

July 30th, 2014

i had a lot of fun designing the cake for siu momo.  i wanted to decorate the top of the cake with donuts but thought baked donuts could not be made ahead of time so i resorted to iced cookies.  i thought a plaque would be nice so i made one with fondant and paper straws…

 photo 10369438_788343537877632_259102419_n.jpg  photo 10454039_1393706944252046_1168627986_n.jpg  

i baked the chocolate chiffon cakes two days ahead of the party and made my favorite swiss meringue buttercream with reduced sugar and shortening replacing some butter.  i learned the upside down frosting method on the internet and was hesitant but thrilled to put it to the test.  it turned out well and i saved so much time by not having to struggle to level the cake top, which was often impossible for me to achieve.  the lesson learned was the cake has to be really chilled (or frozen better) to be flipped and played around.

instead of using just a foiled cake board, i tried covering mine with fondant this time and lined with ribbon.  it was much more work but totally worth it i think.  i also made some fondant “beads” to seal the edge of the cake.  i was so relieved the night before the party when the cake was finally put together…


because i could only take one day off work to prepare the cake, i had to work on these cookies at night time.  luckily the dough held up well and i had a great time icing them while everyone else at home was snoring away…


for part of the party favours, i made these cupcakes for the children to take home.  i hope they enjoyed eating them as much as i had enjoyed making them…

 photo 10431925_678692365531072_814743676_n.jpg   

last but not least, how can the donut shop themed party go without edible donuts!?  i knew i would be swamped with all the baking so i resorted to these plain soymilk donuts from muji and decorated them with melted chocolate and sprinkles…